Heres my reading List for Entrepreneurs in 2020

There are a lot of useful books here spanning many disciplines, not just about Entrepreneurship, but the many other skills required to be a great Entrepreneur. It’s not an exhaustive list of everything I have read by a long margin but these are the books I have kept around for posterity. Some are old, some new, but they all have a useful lesson or two within their covers. I suggest “cherry-picking” a few that speak to you.

They are in no particular order, but the summary should help with the content and the ISBN will locate the book for you in your favorite book vendor, often these are very low cost from used book vendors or Kindle unlimited etc.

20/20 Hindsight
Rachelle Thackray
Summary: Do you often wonder how the most innovative entrepreneurs made it to where they are today? Would you like to know how they did it – and what it cost? Rachelle Thackray gives the accounts, in their own words, of leading entrepreneurs – what drove them to create businesses and what helped them. It follows the stories of entrepreneurs as they tell what drove them to set up the businesses they did, and what helped them trust in their own ideas. It covers a variety of sectors – retail, finance, technology, design and consultancy.
Date Published: 2002
ISBN: 9780753505472

A Good Hard Kick in the Ass
Rob Adams
Crown Business (January 1, 2002)
Summary: Every day, Rob Adams helps entrepreneurs find true markets for their products, design solid business models, and hire great teams—because that’s what it takes to build a successful company. While this sounds self-evident, far too many entrepreneurs have forgotten these fundamentals. They’ve been influenced by what Adams calls “business porn,” myths lingering like a bad hangover from the easy success days of the late ’90s. These entrepreneurs believe a unique idea is the key to igniting a great business. They think their industry experience already makes them experts on customer needs. They have simplistic, self-defeating illusions about sales, marketing, financing, and more. They say things like “I have a million-dollar business idea for a new product.” Wake up, says Adams: Good ideas are not scarce—they’re a dime a dozen. Businesses are successful not because of a unique idea but because of extraordinary execution. They offer a better, faster, or cheaper product or service, or they change the way the world solves a problem. In short, these entrepreneurs need just what Adams doses out in the pages of this book: a good hard kick in the ass. Adams debunks the myths and smashes the illusions—and he knows what he’s talking about, because he stands at the hub of many new startups. His firm, AV Labs, provides entrepreneurs with early financing as well as the management expertise they need to get off the ground. A Good Hard Kick in the Assoffers detailed, hard-hitting guidance for smart, sophisticated entrepreneurs and established businesspeople alike—along with vivid, in-depth examples of companies that are walking the walk right now. Adams’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach is just what’s needed in the post-bubble economy.
ISBN: 9780609609507

Jason Calacanis
HarperCollins (July 18, 2017)
Summary: One of Silicon Valley’s most successful angel investors shares his rules for investing in startups.There are two ways to make money in startups: create something valuable—or invest in the people that are creating valuable things.Over the past twenty-five years, Jason Calacanis has made a fortune investing in creators, spotting and helping build and fund a number of successful technology startups—investments that have earned him tens of millions of dollars. Now, in this enlightening guide that is sure to become the bible for twenty-first century investors, Calacanis takes potential angels step-by-step through his proven method of creating massive wealth: startups.As Calacanis makes clear, you can get rich—even if you came from humble beginnings (his dad was a bartender, his mom a nurse), didn’t go to the right schools, and weren’t a top student. The trick is learning how angel investors think. Calacanis takes you inside the minds of these successful moneymen, helping you understand how they prioritize and make the decisions that have resulted in phenomenal profits. He guides you step by step through the process, revealing how leading investors evaluate new ventures, calculating the risks and rewards, and explains how the best startups leverage relationships with angel investors for the best results. Whether you’re an aspiring investor or a budding entrepreneur, Angel will inspire and educate you on all the ins of outs. Buckle up for a wild ride into the world of angel investing!
ISBN: 9780062560704

Angel Investing
David S. Rose
John Wiley & Sons (April 28, 2014)
Summary: Achieve annual returns of 25% or more with a well-designed angel portfolio Written by David S. Rose, the founder of Gust—the global platform that powers the world of organized professional angel investing—Angel Investing is a comprehensive, entertaining guide that walks readers through every step of the way to becoming a successful angel investor. It is illustrated with stories from among the 90+ companies in which David has invested during a 25 year career as one of the world’s most active business angels and includes instructions on how to get started, how to find and evaluate opportunities, and how to pursue and structure investments to maximize your returns. From building your reputation as a smart investor, to negotiating fair deals, adding value to your portfolio companies and helping them implement smart exit strategies, David provides both the fundamental strategies and the specific tools you need to take full advantage of this rapidly growing asset class. He details the advantages of joining an angel group, explains how seed and venture funds can help leverage an investor’s resources, and reveals how recent regulatory changes and new online platforms are making startup investing accessible to millions of Americans. Making money is no longer about sitting back and reading stock listings, David says. It is now about being part owner of an exciting startup that can be fun and financially rewarding. Angel Investing teaches investors how to carefully select and manage investments, establish a long term view, and approach angel investing as a serious part of an alternative asset portfolio while also enjoying being an integral part of an exciting new venture.
ISBN: 9781118858257

Anyone Can Do It
Sahar Hashemi, Bobby Hashemi
Wiley (April 2, 2007)
Summary: Thinking about starting the business of your dreams? So what's holding you back? Is it the fear of the unknown? If you are even contemplating starting a business of your own, perhaps you feel 'stuck' where you are now? But even being 'stuck' can seem better than facing that fear. That fear of the unknown, of leaving that comfort zone. Entrepreneurship is like an uncharted ocean. But ask yourself this question: Do you have the will and determination to leave dry land and navigate the choppy and sometimes daunting waters that lie before you? If so, then Anyone Can Do It can help you tackle some of those fears, to answer some of the elusive questions about what an entrepreneur must face when making the decision to go for (what can sometimes seem like) that unattainable dream. Authors Sahar and Bobby Hashemi are the dynamic brother and sister team who started one of the most recognizable and high-profile brands in the United Kingdom today – Coffee Republic. Sahar and Bobby had to leave their comfort zones too, leaving secure jobs to take the plunge. But this is not a business memoir nor mere corporate history. This is a personal story about two ordinary people who 'did it', and who got it right. Anyone Can Do It is an inspirational book that chronicles the start and evolution of a genuine success story. Sahar and Bobby take you through their first conversations (when the seed of the idea was planted), to writing the business plan, finding a name, raising money, opening the first store, taking the company public and to the present day when Coffee Republic turns over millions, employs thousands of individuals and has over 100 outlets around the United Kingdom. Anyone Can Do It offers a myriad of lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and blows apart the myth that only 'special' people start successful businesses. It's written in an informal style and packed with tips, advice and quotes. Throughout the text are copies of original business plans, early brainstorms and the cruel and duly ignored bank rejection letters. Sahar and Bobby take the reader step by step through every aspect of starting a business. The process for them wasn't always easy but one thing is for sure, it was the most rewarding journey either of them has taken.
ISBN: 9781841127651

As We Speak
Peter Meyers
Simon and Schuster (August 14, 2012)
Summary: A practical and empowering guide to public speaking and becoming a more effective, persuasive communicator in all areas of life.The world is full of brilliant people whose ideas are never heard. This book is designed to make sure that you’re not one of them. Even for the most self-confident among us, public speaking can be a nerve-racking ordeal. Whether you are speaking to a large audience, within a group, or in a oneon- one conversation, the way in which you communicate ideas, as much as the ideas themselves, can determine success or failure. In this invaluable guide from two of today’s most sought-after communication experts, you’ll learn to master three core principles that you can apply in a wide variety of situations: Content: Construct a clear and lucid architecture of ideas that will lead your listener through a memorable emotional experience. Delivery: Use your voice and body in ways that engage your audience and naturally support your message. State: Bring yourself into peak performance condition. The way you feel when you perform is the most frequently overlooked component of communication. Accessible, inspiring, and laden with useful tips, As We Speak will help you discover your authentic voice and learn to convey your ideas in the most powerful and unforgettable way possible.
ISBN: 9781439153086

Awaken the Giant Within
Tony Robbins
Date Published: 2017
ISBN: 9781471167515

Awakening the Entrepreneur Within
Michael E. Gerber
Harper Collins (March 4, 2008)
Summary: “A business without a dream is like a life without a purpose.” —Michael Gerber Dream • Vision • Purpose • Mission These words have been defining the life of Michael Gerber, bestselling author and international small business guru. He created E-Myth Worldwide in 1977 to transform the way that small business owners grow their companies. Now he's created In The Dreaming Room as a place where entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs come to discover how to make their dreams a reality. Michael's Dream: to inspire people to dream by awakening the entrepreneur within them. Michael's Vision: to be the authority for helping dreamers everywhere create the small businesses they once could only imagine. Michael's Purpose: to transform the lives of ordinary people by providing them with the thrill of creation while creating the means to generate their own and others' economic freedom. Michael's Mission: to create a turnkey system for awakening the entrepreneur within every person who wishes to go into business for themselves, while providing them with the support for doing it. And he has done it. In Awakening the Entrepreneur Within you are invited into the Dreaming Room, where your own entrepreneurial dreams will come alive and become reality. Michael will help you shape your dream into a viable, economically successful company! As he writes: “It is time to dream. It is time to care about something bigger than you. It is time to imagine something sorely needed in the world—the world you live in—that somebody would pay to have. It is time to look around you and ask yourself, 'What's missing in this picture?'” If you see something missing in your world, it's time to start dreaming. Let Michael Gerber welcome you to the Dreaming Room.
ISBN: 9780061568145

Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt
Harvey Mackay
Little, Brown Book Group Limited
Summary: Harvey Mackay, author of Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, believes that, to succeed in business, you should always do what you love, love what you do and deliver more than you promise. This book contains 85 lessons in the form of specific advice and personal anecdotes. The themes covered include getting started, working your way up, running the show, long-term sales careers, keeping out of trouble and relationships with the people you work for.
Date Published: 1993
ISBN: 9780751508260

Beyond Bullet Points
Cliff Atkinson
Microsoft Press
Summary: Praise for Cliff’s successful seminars:"I completely overhauled my presentation based on Cliff’s concepts. The response was unbelievable!"—Pete Nelson, CEO, The Valeo GroupUnload those boring, bullet-riddled slides—and unlock the amazing story buried in your presentation! In BEYOND BULLET POINTS, communications expert Cliff Atkinson shares his innovative three-step system for increasing the impact of your communications with Microsoft PowerPoint. He guides you, step by step, as you discover how to combine the tenets of classic storytelling with the power of the projected media to create a rich, engaging experience. He walks you through his easy-to-use templates, plus 50 advanced tips, to help build your confidence and effectiveness—and quickly bring your ideas to life! FOCUS: Learn how to distill your best ideas into a crisp and compelling narrative. CLARIFY: Use a storyboard to clarify and visualize your ideas, creating the right blend of message and media. ENGAGE:Move from merely reading your slides to creating a rich, connected experience with your audience—and increase your impact! Inside!: See sample storyboards for a variety of presentation types—including investment, sales, educational, and training.
Date Published: 2005
ISBN: 9780735620520

Bottled for Business
Karan Bilimoria
Wiley (March 12, 2007)
Summary: "Every bit as good as the beer itself." —SIR RICHARD BRANSON, Founder and Chairman, Virgin Group So what does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? There are many different answers, but according to Karan Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer, do the following and you won't go far wrong: be creative, go the extra mile, have confidence in yourself and your team, get lucky, be disciplined, take the long-term view, learn constantly and don't be afraid of serious amounts of hard work. Bottled for Business gets to the heart of how and why Cobra Beer has developed into one of the world's best-loved brands. It is a story infused with the passion, belief, energy and vision of its founder and shares the ups and downs of how Cobra got to where it is today. But more than that, it is a story of inspiration for anyone who has dreams of running their own business. PRAISE FOR BOTTLED FOR BUSINESS "The inside scoop from one of the country's leading entrepreneurs—essential reading." —Richard Reed, Co-founder, Innocent Drinks "Inspiring! A fascinating story of one entrepreneur's journey, worth the cover price for the 'Financing Cobra' chapter alone. Bilimoria has learned every trick in the book about how to finance a growing business. If you're running a growing business, and don't want to give away the store, READ THIS BOOK!" —John Mullins, Professor, London Business School and author, The New Business Road Test "An inspirational story." —Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP "Bottled for Business is the extraordinary account of a Cambridge-educated Indian lawyer's dogged pursuit against the odds. The book is compelling, not least because it strikes at the Achilles heel of entrepreneurship in that it details the translation of a vision into reality. A clever and useful book." —Dr Mark de Rond, University Senior Lecturer at Judge Business School and Fellow of Darwin College, Cambridge University "Reflecting the enormous success of his business career, I have no doubt that Bottled for Business will be a bestseller." —Lord Levene, Chairman, Lloyd's, and former Lord Mayor of London
ISBN: 9781841127262

Breakthrough Entrepreneurship
Jon Burgstone, Bill Murphy (Jr.)
Farallon Pub.
Summary: What separates the world's extraordinary entrepreneurs from the millions morewhose efforts fail to achieve a breakthrough? The most important distinctionis whether they have access to the proven entrepreneurial framework that the topperformers use to build value and achieve their goals. Without this kind of structureand guidance, even the brightest, most tenacious innovators most often fall short.Now, Breakthrough Entrepreneurship closes the gap.Jon Burgstone is the founding Faculty Chair at the Center for Entrepreneurship andTechnology at the University of California, Berkeley. He's studied entrepreneurshipfor years and advised hundreds of new ventures on how to succeed. Moreover, hepracticed exceptional entrepreneurship as the co-founder and CEO of Supplier-Market, an Internet technology firm that sold for $1.1 billion in a record 362 days.Working with business journalist Bill Murphy Jr., Burgstone has now written a bookthat can help just about any aspiring founder to build a great new venture.Burgstone and Murphy distill key lessons from the experiences of today's mostinteresting entrepreneurs-people like Peter Thiel (PayPal, Facebook), Jim Koch(Boston Beer Co.), Wendy Kopp (Teach for America), and many, many others. Youdon't have to be the most knowledgeable person in the field to succeed as anentrepreneur. You don't have to be the founder with the most "advanced" ideas tocome out on top. You just need to be the best at recognizing opportunities, minimizingrisk, and following through. Breakthrough Entrepreneurship shows you how.
Date Published: 2012
ISBN: 9780983961116

Business Model Generation
Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur
John Wiley & Sons (July 13, 2010)
Summary: Business Model Generation is a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow's enterprises. If your organization needs to adapt to harsh new realities, but you don't yet have a strategy that will get you out in front of your competitors, you need Business Model Generation. Co-created by 470 "Business Model Canvas" practitioners from 45 countries, the book features a beautiful, highly visual, 4-color design that takes powerful strategic ideas and tools, and makes them easy to implement in your organization. It explains the most common Business Model patterns, based on concepts from leading business thinkers, and helps you reinterpret them for your own context. You will learn how to systematically understand, design, and implement a game-changing business model–or analyze and renovate an old one. Along the way, you'll understand at a much deeper level your customers, distribution channels, partners, revenue streams, costs, and your core value proposition. Business Model Generation features practical innovation techniques used today by leading consultants and companies worldwide, including 3M, Ericsson, Capgemini, Deloitte, and others. Designed for doers, it is for those ready to abandon outmoded thinking and embrace new models of value creation: for executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all organizations. If you're ready to change the rules, you belong to "the business model generation!"
ISBN: 9780470876411

Business Plans
Brian Finch
Kogan Page
Summary: Will help business managers to write better business plans whether to sell the firm or to raise finance; it will also assist those who need a business plan to guide their management of the business, but have no time to work through reams of instruction.
Date Published: 1998
ISBN: 9780749428143

Business Upgrade
Richard Parkes Cordock
Wiley (January 8, 2007)
Summary: Inspirational guidance on building the entrepreneurial spirit in any enterprise In Business Upgrade, well-known trainer and consultant on entrepreneurialism Richard Parkes Cordock shows readers how to reinvigorate their company by developing entrepreneurial spirit in-house. Based on his extensive experience with successful entrepreneurs, this practical, inspirational guide shows business leaders how to apply the mindset and independent spirit of the entrepreneur to the corporate environment. Richard Parkes Cordock (Bath, UK) is the creator of the Millionaire MBA(TM) program and a consultant and trainer on the subject of entrepreneurialism.
ISBN: 9781841127446

Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul
Mark Victor Hansen
Health Communications
Summary: Fulfill your dreams…Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul is a compilation of short stories from entrepreneurs, both large and small, who share their experiences of success, failure and courage, with a little helpful advice mixed in.Many of these stories, told for the first time here, will enlighten you to new methods of entrepreneurship or simply help you believe in the possibilities of getting started. People such as Doris Christopher, a stay-at-home mother, who introduced her love of cooking to others through founding The Pampered Chef; Thom Chappell, who stuck to his instincts when developing Tom's of Maine and kept value at the core of his business; and Carol Gardner who intimately shares a desperate time of debt and divorce, until along came a bulldog named Zelda, followed by a greeting card line – Zelda Wisdom – which became one of Hallmark's number one sellers. These entrepreneurs and many more will inspire you with their amazing life experiences and fascinating beginnings.
Date Published: 2006
ISBN: 9780757302619

Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship
James D. Hart
Edward Elgar Publishing
Summary: Entrepreneurship is a creative practice with tremendous impact, but how does one effectively teach entrepreneurs to engage in this sometimes tumultuous and risk-laden process? A traditional stand and lecture approach to teaching this complex subject does not always suffice, and many professors are finding that students benefit more from hands-on experiences. By engaging and acting, students can own their knowledge and progress beyond an intellectual understanding of the subject. This book offers sixty-five experiential exercises, each designed to be applicable to the entrepreneurial process. These cross-disciplinary exercises vary in scale from single-class activities to course projects or yearlong capstones. Learning objectives are clearly defined so that instructors can incorporate the book's exercises, games, simulations and demonstrations into their syllabi. Whether classes are basic, intermediate or advanced, instructors can use the exercises to engage their students and help them develop as creatively-minded entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship professors seeking experiential exercises to incorporate into their teaching will find this book of value.
Date Published: 2018
ISBN: 9781788971867

Clear and to the Point
Stephen Michael Kosslyn, Stephen M. Kosslyn
Oxford University Press, USA (August 13, 2007)
Summary: True or False?Most PowerPoint presentations are:DTcompelling DTilluminating DTinformative DTclear and to the pointAnswer: FalseMake a change following the principles of Stephen Kosslyn:DTa world authority on the visual brain DTa clear and engaging writerMaking PowerPoint presentations that are clear, compelling, memorable, and even enjoyable is not an obscure art. In this book, Stephen Kosslyn, a renowned cognitive neuroscientist, presents eight simple principles for constructing a presentation that takes advantage of the information modern science has discovered about perception, memory, and cognition. Using hundreds of images and sample slides, he shows the common mistakes many people make and the simple ways to fix them. For example, never use underlining to emphasize a word–the line will cut off the bottom of letters that have descending lines (such as p and g), which interferes with the brain's ability to recognize text. Other tips include why you should state your conclusion at the beginning of a presentation, when to use a line graph versus a bar graph, and how to use color correctly. By following Kosslyn's principles, anyone will be able to produce a presentation that works!
ISBN: 9780195320695

Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur
Stuart Skorman
Jossey-Bass (February 9, 2007)
ISBN: 9780787987329

Conversations with Teen Entrepreneurs
Ben Cathers
iUniverse (October 1, 2003)
Summary: Conversations with Teen Entrepreneurs profiles three successful businesses created by teenagers. These companies were created during the booming 90's, have weathered the Internet bubble burst and are still succeeding today. The book is a fascinating read to see how teenagers are able to overcome the age barrier and succeed in a field normally reserved for adults. Each entrepreneur has his own unique story about balancing work and school, convincing customers and potential employees to trust them, and even, in the midst of it all, having a successful social life. The book is a must read for anyone who wants to successfully start their own business. Advice and tips on overcoming obstacles, developing marketing strategies, and learning to improve sales are just some of the tips and techniques readers will take away with them. Every entrepreneur faces nearly insurmountable challenges. However, these entrepreneurs faced twice as many challenges–and they succeeded. By learning the secrets to their success, you will be given the tools to help surpass any challenge. And if not, you'll be amazed by the stories these teens have to say. Honest.
ISBN: 9780595294107

Crushing It!
Gary Vaynerchuk
HarperCollins (January 30, 2018)
Summary: Four-time New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk offers new lessons and inspiration drawn from the experiences of dozens of influencers and entrepreneurs who rejected the predictable corporate path in favor of pursuing their dreams by building thriving businesses and extraordinary personal brands.In his 2009 international bestseller Crush It, Gary insisted that a vibrant personal brand was crucial to entrepreneurial success, In Crushing It!, Gary explains why that’s even more true today, offering his unique perspective on what has changed and what principles remain timeless. He also shares stories from other entrepreneurs who have grown wealthier—and not just financially—than they ever imagined possible by following Crush It principles. The secret to their success (and Gary’s) has everything to do with their understanding of the social media platforms, and their willingness to do whatever it took to make these tools work to their utmost potential. That’s what Crushing It! teaches readers to do.In this lively, practical, and inspiring book, Gary dissects every current major social media platform so that anyone, from a plumber to a professional ice skater, will know exactly how to amplify his or her personal brand on each. He offers both theoretical and tactical advice on how to become the biggest thing on old standbys like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat; podcast platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, and iTunes; and other emerging platforms such as For those with more experience, Crushing It! illuminates some little-known nuances and provides innovative tips and clever tweaks proven to enhance more common tried-and-true strategies.Crushing It! is a state-of-the-art guide to building your own path to professional and financial success, but it’s not about getting rich. It’s a blueprint to living life on your own terms.
ISBN: 9780062674678

CustomerCentric Selling, Second Edition
Michael T. Bosworth
Summary: The Web has changed the game for your customers—and, therefore, for you. Now, CustomerCentric Selling, already recognized as one of the premier methodologies for managing the buyer-seller relationship, helps you level the playing field so you can reach clients when they are ready to buy and create a superior customer experience.Your business and its people need to be “CustomerCentric”—willing and able to identify and serve customers’ needs in a world where competition waits just a mouse-click away. Traditional wisdom has long held that selling means convincing and persuading buyers. But today’s buyers no longer want or need to be sold in traditional ways.CustomerCentric Selling gives you mastery of the crucial eight aspects of communicating with today’s clients to achieve optimal results: Having conversations instead of making presentations

Asking relevant questions instead of offering opinions

Focusing on solutions and not only relationships

Targeting businesspeople instead of gravitating toward users

Relating product usage instead of relying on features

Competing to win—not just to stay busy

Closing on the buyer’s timeline (instead of yours)

Empowering buyers instead of trying to “sell” them

What’s more, CustomerCentric Selling teaches and reinforces key tactics that will make the most of your organization’s resources. Perhaps you feel you don’t have the smartest internal systems in place to ensure an ideal workflow. (Perhaps, as is all too common, you lack identifiable systems almost entirely.) From the basics—and beyond—of strategic budgeting and negotiation to assessing and developing the skills of your sales force, you’ll learn how to make sure that each step your business takes is the right one.
Date Published: 2010
ISBN: 9780071637084

Disciplined Entrepreneurship
Bill Aulet
John Wiley & Sons (August 12, 2013)
Summary: 24 Steps to Success! Disciplined Entrepreneurship will change the way you think about starting a company. Many believe that entrepreneurship cannot be taught, but great entrepreneurs aren’t born with something special – they simply make great products. This book will show you how to create a successful startup through developing an innovative product. It breaks down the necessary processes into an integrated, comprehensive, and proven 24-step framework that any industrious person can learn and apply.  You will learn: Why the “F” word – focus – is crucial to a startup’s success Common obstacles that entrepreneurs face – and how to overcome them How to use innovation to stand out in the crowd – it’s not just about technology Whether you’re a first-time or repeat entrepreneur, Disciplined Entrepreneurship gives you the tools you need to improve your odds of making a product people want. Author Bill Aulet is the managing director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship as well as a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. For more please visit
ISBN: 9781118692288

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workbook
Bill Aulet
John Wiley & Sons (April 3, 2017)
Summary: The essential companion to the book that revolutionized entrepreneurship Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workbook provides a practical manual for working the 24-step framework presented in Disciplined Entrepreneurship. Unlocking key lessons and breaking down the steps, this book helps you delve deeper into the framework to get your business up and running with a greater chance for success. You'll find the tools you need to sharpen your instinct, engage your creativity, work through hardship, and give the people what they want—even if they don't yet know that they want it. Real-world examples illustrate the framework in action, and case studies highlight critical points that can make or break you when your goal is on the line. Exercises and assessments help you nail down your strengths, while pointing out areas that could benefit from reinforcement—because when it comes to your business, "good enough" isn't good enough—better is always better. Disciplined Entrepreneurship transformed the way that professionals think about starting a company, and this book helps you dig into the proven framework to make your business dreams a reality. Delve deeper into the 24 steps to success Innovate, persevere, and create the product people want Internalize lessons learned from real-world entrepreneurs Test your understanding with exercises and case studies The book also includes new material on topics the author has found to be extremely useful in getting the most value out of the framework including Primary Market Research, Windows of Opportunity and Triggers. The book also introduces the Disciplined Entrepreneurship Canvas to track your progress on this journey. Starting a company is a serious undertaking, with plenty of risk and sacrifice to go around—so why not minimize the risk and make the outcome worth the sacrifice? Author Bill Aulet's 24-step framework is proven to build a successful business; the key is in how well you implement it. Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workbook helps you master the skills, tools, and mindset you need to get on your path to success.
ISBN: 9781119365792

Do More Faster
Brad Feld, David B. Cohen
John Wiley & Sons (October 19, 2010)
Summary: Practical advice from some of today's top early stage investors and entrepreneurs TechStars is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator with operations in three U.S. cities. Once a year in each city, it funds about ten Internet startups with a small amount of capital and surrounds them with around fifty top Internet entrepreneurs and investors. Historically, about seventy-five percent of the companies that go through TechStars raise a meaningful amount of angel or venture capital. Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup is a collection of advice that comes from individuals who have passed through, or are part of, this proven program. Each vignette is an exploration of information often heard during the TechStars program and provides practical insights into early stage entrepreneurship. Contains seven sections, each focusing on a major theme within the TechStars program, including idea and vision, fundraising, legal and structure, and work/life balance Created by two highly regarded experts in the world of early stage investing Essays in each section come from the experienced author team as well as TechStar mentors, entrepreneurs, and founders of companies While you'll ultimately have to make your own decisions about what's right for your business, Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup can get your entrepreneurial endeavor headed in the right direction.
ISBN: 9780470929834

Duct Tape Marketing
John Jantsch
Thomas Nelson Inc
Summary: Is Your Marketing as Simple, Effective, and Affordable as Duct Tape?Let's face it, as a small business owner, you are really in the business of marketing. The problem for most small business owners is that they suffer from "marketing idea of the week" syndrome instead of implementing a systematic approach to the problem of small business marketing.In Duct Tape Marketing, renowned Small Business Marketing guru John Jantsch shows you how to develop and execute a marketing plan that will give your business the life and longevity you knew you could have when you made that decision to go out on your own.CAREFUL! Duct tape is a serious tool… it sticks where you put it. So are the ideas in this book. If you're ready to make a commitment and are willing to make something happen, John's book is a great place to start. –Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow For all those who wonder why John Jantsch has become the leading advisor and coach to small businesses everywhere, Duct Tape Marketing is the answer. I have never read a business book that is as packed with hands-on, actionable information as this one. There are takeaways in every paragraph, and the success of John's blog is living proof that they work. Duct Tape Marketing should be required reading for anyone who is building a business, or thinking about it. –Bo Burlingham, editor-at-large, Inc. magazine, and author of Small Giants: Companies That Choose To Be Great Instead of Big Duct Tape Marketing is a worthy addition to the growing library of how-to books on small business marketing — concise, clear, practical, and packed with great ideas to boost your bottom line. –Bob Bly, author of The White Paper Handbook With the world suffering from depleted reserves of trust, a business that sells plenty of it every day tends to create the most value. The great thing about trust as a product feature is that it delivers exceptional returns. With this book, John Jantsch has zeroed in on exactly what small businesses need to sell every day, every hour. –Ben McConnell, co-author of Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force John Jantsch has provided small businesses with the perfect perspective for maximizing all marketing activities – offline and on. Jantsch has the plan to help you thrive in the world of business today. Read it, all your competitors will. –John Battelle, cofounding editor or Wired and author of The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture Duct Tape Marketing is a great read for anyone in business. It has fresh ideas laid out in a practical and useable way. I highly recommend this book for growing any business. –Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI and Co-author of the New York Times bestseller, Masters of Networking
Date Published: 2011
ISBN: 9781595554659

Engineering Your Start-up
Michael L. Baird
Professional Publications
Summary: Written for engineers and other technology professionals, this book is a complete guide to launching and growing a successful high-tech company. The author, an engineer with 20 years of technology and business management experience, brings a dose of reality to discussions of financing, stock options, business plans, market positioning, and many other topics. His in-depth analysis and instructive case studies make this an essential guide for every entrepreneur. Each of these books is a compact source of information for working engineers. The career guides explain how to protect their ideas, improve their job skills, and build their careers. The references provide useful, "at-your-fingertips" data on engineering economics, unit conversion, and the metric system.
Date Published: 1992
ISBN: 9780912045481

Entrepreneur America
Rob Ryan, Phaedra Hise
HarperBusiness (January 23, 2001)
ISBN: 9780066620664

Entrepreneur Journeys
Sramana Mitra
BookSurge Publishing (April 16, 2009)
Summary: In a world battered by economic crisis, Sramana Mitra believes entrepreneurship is the only sustainable path forward to a healthy economic world order. And core to the success of entrepreneurial ventures today is the invigorating art of bootstrapping. Sramana Mitra–a serial entrepreneur, strategy consultant and Forbes columnist–takes aim at this essential route along the roadmap to startup success with Entrepreneur Journeys, Volume Two: Bootstrapping: Weapon of Mass Reconstruction. Along with the incisive analysis and commentary that have popularized her blog and Forbes columns, Mitra showcases a dozen successful entrepreneurs and their lessons from the bootstrapping trenches. Overflowing with lively entrepreneurial tangents, theories, and behind-closed-doors-experience, the book rises to the level of economic policy discussion while simultaneously offering practical advice from experienced bootstrappers. Important issues like doing more with less, getting started with little or no capital, and validating the market on the cheap are discussed with the likes of Om Malik of GigaOm and Greg Gianforte of RightNow. In her characteristic narrative style, Mitra shepherds established and aspiring entrepreneurs through a territory she hopes will be claimed by many more in the years to come. "From my perspective it is clear that small business must be a top priority," explains Mitra. "Let us hope that in the coming decade the number of small businesses will double, then triple and quadruple. For here is the most powerful engine of economic growth and sustenance. Here is our way back."
ISBN: 9781439234518

Entrepreneur Magazine's Young Millionaires
Rieva Lesonsky, Gayle Sato Stodder
Entrepreneur Media
Summary: In an inspirational text, successful men and women discuss how they got started and overcame obstacles such as competition and grueling work schedules, and share reflections on what drove them to be on top. Original. IP.
Date Published: 1998
ISBN: 9781891984013

Entrepreneur's Book Of Checklists
Robert Ashton
Prentice Hall Business Publishing (December 31, 2004)
ISBN: 9780273694397

Bill Bolton, John Thompson
Summary: We all know an entrepreneur when we see one. This ground-breaking book reviews more than a hundred entrepreneurs from all walks of life and backgrounds, and sets their stories within a rigorous analytical framework, in order to give a critical insight into: * What entrepreneurs do and achieve * How they go about it * How they could be better supported The key point though is whether there are more people "out there" with the potential to be successful entrepreneurs, and, if so, how they might be identified and fostered. This book opens up this subject using for the first time the themes of talent, temperament and technique, which, in the correct mix, produce outstanding entrepreneurs. Using the ideas presented, it should be possible to tap more effectively the well of entrepreneurial talent that the authors identify. The release of this entrepreneurial talent could transform the numerous programmes for promoting business start-up and growth. It is the missing ingredient in many of these initiatives. Entrepreneurs: Talent, Temperament, Technique is therefore ideal for both students and those with a non-academic background who have a keen interest in business start-up and growth. Case studies include: James Dyson, Charles Dunstone (CarPhone Warehouse), Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Brian Souter (Stagecoach), Archie Norman (Asda), Paul Sykes, Steve Jobs (Apple), Warren Buffet, David Rhodes (Filtronic), Ricardo Semler, Elliott Tepper (Betel), Julian Richer, Walt Disney, Cameron Mackintosh, Jeff Bezos (, Herb Kelleher (SouthWest Air), Bernie Ecclestone, Mark McCormack, John de Lorean, Mozart and Al Capone. Identifies the range of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship segments Gives a framework to running successful entrepreneurship programmes or accessing your own capabilities Contains a readable introduction with valuable case studies for specialist entrepreneurship and SME courses
Date Published: 2000
ISBN: 9780750646239

Robert D. Hisrich, Michael P. Peters, Dean A. Shepherd
Summary: Entrepreneurship, by Robert Hisrich, Michael Peters and Dean Shepherd has been designed to clearly instruct students on the process of formulating, planning, and implementing a new venture. Students are exposed to detailed descriptions of 'how to' embark on a new venture in a logical manner. Comprehensive cases at the end of the text have been hand-picked by the authors to go hand-in-hand with chapter concepts.The superb author team of Hisrich, Peters, and Shepherd draw from their distinct backgrounds to create a book that addresses the dynamics of today's entrepreneurial challenges. From Bob Hisrich's expertise in global entrepreneurship to Mike Peter's background as a both a real-life entrepreneur and academic to Dean Shepherd's current research on cognition and entrepreneurial mindset, this book balances the crucial line between modern theory and practice.
Date Published: 2008
ISBN: 9780071259521

Bruce R. Barringer, R. Duane Ireland
Pearson Prentice Hall
Summary: This lively book, containing many real-life examples, makes a thoughtful, practical guide to the process of launching new ventures. It begins by introducing a model of the entrepreneurial process, and follows the model throughout the book. Emphasis is placed on the beginnings of the entrepreneurial process – particularly opportunity recognition and feasibility analysis.A four part organization makes the journey toward understanding the entrepreneur process both enjoyable and productive. The four parts, which collectively contain 15 chapters, are: The Decision to Become an Entrepreneur, Developing Successful Business Ideas, Moving From an Idea to an Entrepreneurial Firm, and Managing and Growing an Entrepreneurial Firm.For venture capitalists, investor groups, or business incubators (for-profit and not-for-profit) to distribute to their client companies; and of particular help to technology companies.
Date Published: 2006
ISBN: 9780130618559

Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business School Press
Date Published: 1999
ISBN: 9780875849102

Fire in the Belly
Yanky Fachler
Oak Tree
Summary: This book is dedicated to what the author describes as the neglected part of the entrepreneurial equation, asking what it means to go out and do your own thing. It attempts to analyze that fire in the belly that fuels the entrepreneurial urge. The author explores the thrill, the challenge, the fun – and the problems – of becoming an entrepreneur.
Date Published: 2001
ISBN: 9781860762109

Found Money
Steve Wilkinghoff
John Wiley & Sons (August 24, 2009)
Summary: A fresh perspective on what it takes to run a moneymaking small business If you're a small business owner, you probably started out with a great idea, an entrepreneurial dream, and the willingness to work as hard as you have to. You're up-and-running, your products and services are selling, and you are working as hard as you can. But where do you go from here? How do you get there? And how can you be sure your business will make you money now and for the long term? Found Money presents a new and powerful approach to small-business success. It helps you figure out, instantly, whether your business is on-track or flying off the rails (and how to correct it if it is flying off the rails). Not only does it help you understand how your business makes you money, but how to control that process as well. It offers accessible, easy-to-use tools and tactics to help you understand the links between what happens in your small business and the financial results you achieve so you can proactively create the financial results you want. Helps you maximize the money your small business makes by showing you where additional profit and cash flow is hiding right now in your business Steve Wilkinghoff is an accountant and consultant who helps businesses reach their full, money-making potential Foreword by Michael Gerber, preeminent small business guru If you own your own small business but don't know how to take control of the financial results it gives you, Found Money hands you the strategies, tactics and tools you need to take control, and direct and maximize the money-making process.
ISBN: 9780470483350

Get A Grip
Gino Wickman, Mike Paton
BenBella Books, Inc. (April 8, 2014)
Summary: It’s time to take your business to the next level.Eileen Sharp and Vic Hightower were frustrated. After years of profitable, predictable growth, Swan Services was in a rut. Meetings were called and discussions held, but few decisions were made and even less got done. People were pointing fingers and assigning blame, but nothing happened to solve Swan’s mounting problems. It felt as though they were working harder than ever but with less impact. The company Eileen and Vic had founded and built for 10 years was a different place. It just wasn’t fun anymore.Their story is not unusual. The challenges they were facing are common, predictable, and solvable. Get A Grip tells the story of how Swan Services resolves its issues by implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. With the help of EOS, Eileen, Vic, and their leadership team master a set of managerial tools that allow them to get traction on their business, grow the business, and deliver better results for clients.The story of Swan Services is a fable, but the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is very real and has helped thousands of businesses worldwide. A complete entrepreneurial toolkit, EOS has helped thousands of businesses get to where they want to be.In Get A Grip, learn how Swan Services leaders learned to develop and commit to a clear vision, establish focus, build discipline, and create a healthier and more cohesive team.With characters and situations created from collective business experiences and stories, Get A Grip is a fable that will ring true for entrepreneurial leaders the world over and guide them to get their companies on track.
ISBN: 9781939529824

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got
Jay Abraham
Macmillan (October 12, 2001)
Summary: This book provides clear guidance on what constitutes State Aid in the area oftax law. It clearly explains the situations in which beneficial tax provisionsfor the taxpayer – e.g., lower tax rates for certain industries or for certaineconomic zones, advantageous depreciation rules, or exemptions – can bedeclared void by the European Commission. The difficult controlling concept of'selectivity' of an aid is dealt with extensively. Drawing on familiarity withthe practice of the Commission, as well as the jurisprudence of the GeneralCourt and of the Court of Justice, thirteen knowledgeable contributors presentvaluable arguments in case the Commission requires the repayment of advantagesreceived.Among the topics and issues covered are the following:;how unregulated tax incentive competition between States leads to a 'win' byone State and a 'loss' by another;; ;the legal uncertainty attached to the Commission's decision followingnotification of a proposed tax incentive;;the role of the Commission's Code of Conduct;;calculating the amount of recovery of illegal State Aid;;application of State Aid rules in the area of indirect taxation (e.g., VATand excise duties);;investment fund regimes;;subnational regional aid;;'patent box' regimes;;foreign source income; and;taxpayers' exclusion from infringement proceedings and subsequent appeals.Complete with case studies and analyses of the latest case law on selectivity,this invaluable resource will be welcomed by practitioners who, although theymay be well-versed in tax law, are sure to benefit greatly from the authors'expert guidance on State Aid provisions and the rules on harmful taxcompetition.
ISBN: 9780312284541

Getting Real
Jason Fried
Summary: Getting Real details the business, design, programming, and marketing principles of 37signals. The book is packed with keep-it-simple insights, contrarian points of view, and unconventional approaches to software design. This is not a technical book or a design tutorial, it's a book of ideas.Anyone working on a web app — including entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, executives, or marketers — will find value and inspiration in this book.37signals used the Getting Real process to launch five successful web-based applications (Basecamp, Campfire, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List), and Ruby on Rails, an open-source web application framework, in just two years with no outside funding, no debt, and only 7 people (distributed across 7 time zones). Over 500,000 people around the world use these applications to get things done.Now you can find out how they did it and how you can do it too. It's not as hard as you think if you Get Real.
Date Published: 2006
ISBN: 9780578012810

Getting Things Done
David Allen
Summary: In today's world, yesterday's methods just don't work. Veteran coach and management consultant David Allen recognizes that time management is useless the minute your schedule is interrupted; setting priorities isn't relevant when your e-mail is down; procrastination solutions won't help if your goals aren't clear. Instead, Allen shares with readers the proven methods he has already introduced in seminars and at top organizations across the country. The key to Getting Things Done? Relaxation. Allen's premise is simple: our ability to be productive is directly proportional to our ability to relax. Only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve stress-free productivity. His seamless system teaches us how to identify, track, and-most important-choose the next action on all our tasks, commitments, and projects and thus master all the demands on our time while unleashing our creative potential. The book's stylish, dynamic design makes it easy to follow Allen's tips, examples, and inspiration to achieve what we all seek-energy, focus, and relaxed control.
Date Published: 2001
ISBN: 9780670899241

Getting to Plan B
John Mullins
Harvard Business Press
Summary: You have a new venture in mind. And you've crafted a business plan so detailed it's a work of art. Don't get too attached to it. As John Mullins and Randy Komisar explain in Getting to Plan B, new businesses are fraught with uncertainty. To succeed, you must change the plan in real time as the inevitable challenges arise. In fact, studies show that entrepreneurs who stick slavishly to their Plan A stand a greater chance of failing-and that many successful businesses barely resemble their founders' original idea. The authors provide a rigorous process for stress testing your Plan A and determining how to alter it so your business makes money, solves customers' needs, and endures. You'll discover strategies for: -Identifying the leap-of-faith assumptions hidden in your plan -Testing those assumptions and unearthing why the plan might not work -Reconfiguring the five components of your business model-revenue model, gross margin model, operating model, working capital model, and investment model-to create a sounder Plan B. Filled with success stories and cautionary tales, this book offers real cases illustrating the authors' unique process. Whether your idea is for a start-up or a new business unit within your organization, Getting to Plan B contains the road map you need to reach success.
Date Published: 2009
ISBN: 9781422126691

Robert Heller
Date Published: 1999
ISBN: 9780006388722

Good in a Room
Stephanie Palmer
Summary: "Stephanie Palmer delivers clear, useful advice on how to successfully move the good idea in your head into the other heads in the room. It is hard to think of a more valuable skill." –Peter Kaufman, CEO, Glenair Inc. Former MGM Director of Creative Affairs Stephanie Palmer reveals the techniques used by Hollywood’s top writers, directors and producers to get financing for their projects and explains how you can apply these techniques to be more successful in your own high-stakes meetings. Because, as Palmer as found, the strategies used to sell yourself and your ideas in Hollywood Hollywood not only work in other businesses, they often work better. After taking over three thousand pitch meetings, Stephanie Palmer has seen what works, what doesn’t, and has developed a system for helping people with good ideas get the attention and financing they deserve. This is important because of how technology and globalization have created exponential growth in the marketplace for ideas. If you can communicate your ideas concisely and effectively, you will have the edge no matter what industry you are in. Whether you intend to ask for a raise, sign a potential client, promote a new business, secure financing for a creative project, get sponsors for your charity walk or even ask someone on a date, GOOD IN A ROOM shows you how to: -Master the five stages of the face-to-face meeting -Avoid the secret dealbreakers of the first ninety seconds -Be confident in high-pressure situations -Present yourself better and more effectively than you ever have before GOOD IN A ROOM is a step-by-step guide to improving your performance in high-stakes meetings as well as in other areas of your professional life. You’ll learn insider secrets, cutting-edge techniques, and how to construct winning presentations that persuade decision-makers. That’s what being good in a room is all about.
Date Published: 2008
ISBN: 9780385520430

Great Demo!
Peter E. Cohan
iUniverse (March 1, 2005)
Summary: Great Demo! provides sales and presales staff with a method to dramatically increase their success in closing business through substantially improved software demonstrations. It draws upon the experiences of thousands of demonstrations, both delivered and received from vendors and customers. The distinctive "Do the Last Thing First" concept generates a "Wow!" response from customers. The Great Demo! method is presented simply and clearly, and is elaborated more fully in each successive chapter, providing a rich toolkit for software sales teams. Real-life anecdotes, examples, and axioms offer humorous and effective punctuation. Updated with new best practices, tips and techniques, this second edition now includes a complete chapter on remote demonstrations–an area of increased activity and unique challenges. An additional chapter on managing evaluations (for fun and profit) extends the utility of the book to those in sales and management. Great Demo! is a terrific read on an airplane or between customer visits. It offers a straightforward process for creating and delivering highly compelling software demonstrations, excellent advice, tips, and the occasional epiphany.
ISBN: 9780595345595

High Tech Start Up, Revised and Updated
John L. Nesheim
Simon and Schuster (March 16, 2000)
Summary: This revised and updated edition of Nesheim's underground Silicon Valley bestseller incorporates twenty-three case studies of successful start-ups, including tables of wealth showing how much money founders and investors realized from each venture.The phenomenal success of the initial public offerings (IPOs) of many new internet companies obscures the fact that fewer than six out of 1 million business plans submitted to venture capital firms will ever reach the IPO stage. Many fail, according to start-up expert John Nesheim, because the entrepreneurs did not have access to the invaluable lessons that come from studying the real-world venture experiences of successful companies. Now they do. Acclaimed by entrepreneurs the world over, this practical handbook is filled with hard-to-find information and guidance covering every key phase of a start-up, from idea to IPO: how to create a winning business plan, how to value the firm, how venture capitalists work, how they make their money, where to find alternative sources of funding, how to select a good lawyer, and how to protect intellectual property. Nesheim aims to improve the odds of success for first-time high-tech entrepreneurs, and offers an insider's perspective from firsthand experience on one of the toughest challenges they face — convincing venture capitalists or investment banks to provide financing. This complete, classic reference tool is essential reading for first-time high-tech entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs already involved in a start-up who want to increase their chances of success to rise to the top.
ISBN: 9780684871707

High-tech Ventures
C. Gordon Bell, John E. Mcnamara
Basic Books (July 22, 1991)
Summary: High-Tech Ventures is for those who design, build, and market innovative products—people who are creating the high-tech world of the future. More specifically it is for all engineers, engineering managers, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs. Although engineers are responsible for identifying products and businesses that might benefit their company, all too often their suggestions are rejected. The products don't fit within the current business, or they threaten the status quo. Thus, start-up companies are the main arena for innovation.Entrepreneurs who are considering starting up a company, or who are already doing so, can use this book to determine the health of their venture. With High-Tech Ventures they can systematically assess the exact stages of their company's growth. They can compare their experiences to an ideal model, and sidestep—or eliminate—flaws early enough to save time, money, and even the company itself.High-Tech Ventures provides entrepreneurs with insight into the problems they may face, as well as a formal checklist for measuring success. It is also useful for board members, investors, and service industry personnel who are intimately involved in ventures. Professionals such as attorneys, accountants, technical consultants, and marketing consultants, who support the venture's infrastructure will also find critical information here.High-Tech Ventures includes revealing case studies from major entrepreneurial players such as Sun Microsystems, Apollo, Prime, Amdahl, Cullinet, etc.
ISBN: 9780201563214

Hope Is Not a Strategy
Rick Page
McGraw Hill Professional (March 24, 2003)
Summary: "No longer is being 'a good closer' the basis of sustainable success. Instead intakes the kind of strategic thinking Rick Page outlines inHope Is Not a Strategy."–Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado Master of the complex sale, Rick Page is the author of the bestselling book, Hope Is Not a Strategy, and one of the most sought-after sales consultants and trainers in the world.He has taught his breakthrough selling strategies to thousands of people in 150 companies across 50 countries–an amazing platform that has helped his message spread like wildfire. This paperback edition of Page's runaway sales bestseller schools readers in Page's simple, six-step process for making the sale–no matter how complex the deal or how many people are involved in the buying decision. Integrating the winning selling strategies used by the world's top salespeople, Page shows readers how to: Identify and sell to a prospect's business "pain" Qualify a prospect Build competitive preference Define a prospect's decision-making process
ISBN: 9780071418713

Hot Seat
Dan Shapiro
O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Summary: The most mysterious role at a startup is that of the CEO. What exactly does the CEO do, anyway?Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook pulls back the curtain on the executive suite. This may be the title held by Jobs, Gates, and Zuckerberg, but it's also the title held by thousands of overconfident wantrepreneurs with starry eyes and little hope of success. This book is about what separates the successes from those who fall flat.Author Dan Shapiro, founder and CEO of Sparkbuy Inc (acquired by Google, where he now works) shares the directions, trials, tribulations, and strategies of the startup CEO—the ways startups are born, live, and die, as told from the view at the top.This book is divided into five sections:Founding covers the moment from the first idea of the business up until the incorporation and financing.Funding, one of the earliest and most difficult challenges, explores many strategies in depth.Leadership helps you come up with a strategy, create a culture, and navigate the pitfalls as you build your executive team.Management covers how to argue with your team, when to play the CEO card, and how to manage your board.Endgame explores how to finish your startup with grace and create the best outcome for everyone involved.
Date Published: 2015
ISBN: 9781449360733

How I Made it
Rachel Bridge
Kogan Page Publishers
Date Published: 2005
ISBN: 9780749443115

How to be an Entrepreneur
Steve Parks
Prentice Hall Business
Summary: "By their nature entrepreneurs do things differently, and that includes how they like to learn. I'm impressed by the creativity you [Steve Parks] have shown in communicating ideas, knowledge and best-practice to your target audience. " Former Prime Minister Tony Blair The rate of new start ups is growing dramatically. According to Barclays Bank there were 288,200 new businesses launched in England and Wales in the first 6 months of 2004 – an increase of 23% on the same period in 2003. However, the failure rate is high. Barclays research also showed that 164,400 firms went out of business in the same period – that's over half of those that start up. Entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly aware of this threat because of media coverage, and are eager to get any help they can. How to be an Entrepreneur, written by bestselling author and small business guru Steve Parks, reveals how to become that person who will succeed not just at starting up, but also running that business. The author is himself a successful entrepreneur, but this book is the cumulated wisdom of the hundreds of other successful entrepreneurs who he has interviewed in the last 5 years. His research identified that successful entrepreneurs have special strengths in six fundamental abilities, which form the structure for the book: 1. Attitude How entrepreneurs think and behave – and how that helps them to deal with the many challenges they face. We examine how you can develop those attitudes, and handle the contradictions they seem to present. 2. Opportunity How entrepreneurs find or create opportunities – and how they maximise them to create great businesses. 3. Focus Once they have an opportunity, entrepreneurs are masters at marshalling people and resources and focussing their time and energy on the opportunity. We look at how you can gain superb personal focus, and then focus your company and your team 4. Talent The best entrepreneurial companies manage to attract the best talent before they're even out of the starting gate – then they seem to be able to bring out the very best in these people. At the same time these entrepreneurs manage the difficult balancing act of keeping this creating melting pot under control without stifling ideas. How is this achieved? 5. Planning The popular image may be of entrepreneurs working 'on the hoof' but it's simply not true. They have firm, clear plans – but they also ensure they have a good enough Radar system and contingency plans to be able to spot trouble and change course, in a planned way, when necessary. 6. Communication Entrepreneurs are masters at communicating with their team, their customers and the media. They have a clear, uncomplicated style of communication that wins hearts and minds. Packed with ideas, inspiration, case studies of how other entrepreneurs have succeeded, and highly original practical tools, this is the book that will separate the brilliant entrepreneur from the 'tried but failed'.
Date Published: 2006
ISBN: 9780273708292

How to Succeed as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Gary L. Schine
Dearborn Trade
Summary: How to Succeed as a Lifestyle Entrepreneuris a guide that shows how to use the powerful tools of business management to create a business that supports their lifestyle, without having it run their life!Filled with inspirational real life profiles,How to Succeed as a Lifestyle Entrepreneurredefines successful entrepreneurship, speaking to those men and women who put play, health, family or pleasure before work, as well as people who see owning their own business as a way to get off the treadmill, not speed it up. It is a must read for those who are thinking about jumping the corporate ship to start and run their own business: a business that doesn't run their life.Composed of one/third philosophy and two/thirds how to advice, small business consultant and committed lifestyle entrepreneur Gary Schine offers a full range of tools for would be entrepreneurs, from business planning to marketing.
Date Published: 2003
ISBN: 9780793164189

How Will You Measure Your Life?
Clayton M. Christensen
Harvard Business Review Press
Summary: Harvard Business School's Clayton M. Christensen teaches aspiring MBAs how to apply management and innovation theories to build stronger companies. But he also believes that these models can help people lead better lives. In this book, he explains how, exploring questions everyone needs to ask: How can I be happy in my career? How can I be sure that my relationship with my family is an enduring source of happiness? How can I live my life with integrity? The answer to the first question comes from Frederick Herzberg's assertion that the most powerful motivator isn't money; it's the opportunity to learn, grow in responsibilities, contribute, and be recognized. Management isn't about buying, selling, and investing in companies, as many think. The principles of resource allocation can help people attain happiness at home. If not managed masterfully, what emerges from a firm's resource allocation process can be very different from the strategy management intended to follow. That's true in life too: If you're not guided by a clear sense of purpose, you're likely to fritter away your time and energy on obtaining the most tangible, short-term signs of achievement, not what's really important to you. And just as a focus on marginal costs can cause bad corporate decisions, it can lead people astray. The marginal cost of doing something wrong "just this once" always seems alluringly low. You don't see the end result to which that path leads. The key is to define what you stand for and draw the line in a safe place.–
Date Published: 2017
ISBN: 9781633692565

If You Build It Will They Come?
Rob Adams
Wiley (April 12, 2010)
Summary: Know if you'll hit your targets before pulling the trigger on any marketing plan More than sixty five percent of new products are commercial failures, and if you compound this with a recession, now more than ever you can't afford to be wrong. In If You Build It Will They Come, business professor and strategy consultant Rob Adams shows you how to make sure you hit your target market before you spend a lot of money. He shows you the fast, systematic and proven approach of performing Market Validation in advance of making a large product investment. Adams outlines a simple and effective market validation and testing strategy that is proven, giving entrepreneurs and managers the ability to dramatically improve the prospect of product success. He explains how to quickly gather information on competitors, directly interview members of your target market, and figure out what the market really wants to buy, versus what customers say they want. The steps to quickly understanding the viability of your market Where to go to gather the information needed to hit the market requirements How to follow through with the right product launched in the right way Adams cuts through the fancy terms and expensive market research that gives lots of data but no real product oriented information about usage, pricing, features and competitive forces. In the end you'll produce results on your first release of a far more mature product, shipped in a faster timeframe with features customers will actually use. This book is for anyone involved with designing, developing and launching new products. Its examples and advice cover everything from the fledgling start-up that needs their first product to work just to survive to the successful Fortune Class company establishing new worldwide markets. Examples cut across all major industrial sectors including consumer, retail, manufacturing, technology, life sciences and services. This book offers the step-based guidance you need to make sure failure is not an option.
ISBN: 9780470563632

In the Company of Heroes
David Hall
Kogan Page
Summary: What makes someone a successful entrepreneur? Do entrepreneurs exhibit any common characteristics? Award-winning TV writer David Hall thinks so and here he looks beyond the (often very large) personalities involved to analyse what entrepreneurs actually do; and what their attitudes, motivations, and experiences are. The results of his research show how individuals can recognize their own entrepreneurial skills and develop them. Convinced that entrepreneurial behaviour can be a systematic process as well as instinctive, he found that there were clear lessons to be learned from entrepreneurial businesses, lessons from which he develops a blueprint for success that anyone can use.
Date Published: 1999
ISBN: 9780749430603

Innovation and Entrepreneuship (Drucker Series)
Peter F. Drucker
Butterworth-Heinemann (April 1, 2002)
ISBN: 9780750643887

Lean Analytics
Alistair Croll
"O'Reilly Media, Inc." (April 15, 2013)
Summary: If you’re involved with a startup, analytics help you find your way to the right product and market before the money runs out. But with a flood of information available, where do you start? This book shows you what to measure, how to analyze it, and how to report it, whether you’re evaluating your business model, testing new features, enticing investors, or reporting progress to advisers. Written by Alistair Croll (founder of Coradiant) and Ben Yoskovitz (co-founder of Year One Labs), Lean Analytics lays out practical, proven steps to take your startup from initial idea to product/market fit and beyond. Examples and case studies show entrepreneurs and intrapreneneurs (entrepreneurs inside larger organizations) how to identify and measure a startup’s single most important metric, and how to iterate until you get it right. While the authors primarily cover technology startups, their lessons can be applied far beyond the Web. Even traditional businesses are embracing a lean, learn-first approach, as demonstrated by owners of a San Francisco deli that used a temporary "pop-up" method to optimize their menu and operations before launching a permanent restaurant.
ISBN: 9781449335670

Losing My Virginity
Richard Branson
Crown Business
Summary: "Oh, screw it, let's do it."That's the philosophy that has allowed Richard Branson, in slightly more than twenty-five years, to spawn so many successful ventures. From the airline business (Virgin Atlantic Airways), to music (Virgin Records and V2), to cola (Virgin Cola), to retail (Virgin Megastores), and nearly a hundred others, ranging from financial services to bridal wear, Branson has a track record second to none.Losing My Virginity is the unusual, frequently outrageous autobiography of one of the great business geniuses of our time. When Richard Branson started his first business, he and his friends decided that "since we're complete virgins at business, let's call it just that: Virgin." Since then, Branson has written his own "rules" for success, creating a group of companies with a global presence, but no central headquarters, no management hierarchy, and minimal bureaucracy.Many of Richard Branson's companies–airlines, retailing, and cola are good examples–were started in the face of entrenched competition. The experts said, "Don't do it." But Branson found golden opportunities in markets in which customers have been ripped off or underserved, where confusion reigns, and the competition is complacent. And in this stressed-out, overworked age, Richard Branson gives us a new model: a dynamic, hardworking, successful entrepreneur who lives life to the fullest. Family, friends, fun, and adventure are equally important as business in Branson's life. Losing My Virginity is a portrait of a productive, sane, balanced life, filled with rich and colorful stories:Crash-landing his hot-air balloon in the Algerian desert, yet remaining determined to have another go at being the first to circle the globeSigning the Sex Pistols, Janet Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Boy George, and Phil CollinsFighting back when British Airways took on Virgin Atlantic and successfully suing this pillar of the British business establishmentSwimming two miles to safety during a violent storm off the coast of MexicoSelling Virgin Records to save Virgin AtlanticStaging a rescue flight into Baghdad before the start of the Gulf War . . .And much more. Losing My Virginity is the ultimate tale of personal and business survival from a man who combines the business prowess of Bill Gates and the promotional instincts of P. T. Barnum.Also available in the UK from Virgin Publishing, and in Canada from General Publishing,From the Hardcover edition.
Date Published: 2011
ISBN: 9780307720740

Making It All Work
David Allen
Summary: The long-awaited follow-up to the New York Timesbestseller Getting Things Done.David Allen’s Getting Things Donehit a nerve and ignited a movement with businesses, students, soccer moms, and techies all the way from Silicon Valley to Europe and Asia. Now, David Allen leads the world on a new path to achieve focus, control, and perspective. Throw out everything you know about productivity– Making It All Workwill make life and work a game you can win. For those who have already experienced the clarity of mind from reading Getting Things Done, Making It All Workwill take the process to the next level.David Allen shows us how to excel in dealing with our daily commitments, the unexpected, and the information overload that threatens to drown us. Making It All Workprovides an instantly usable, success-building tool kit for staying ahead of the game.Making It All Workaddresses: how to figure out where you are in life and what you need; how to be your own consultant and a CEO of your life; moving from hope to trust in decision-making; when not to set goals; harnessing intuition, spontaneity, and serendipity; and why life is like business and business is like life.This eagerly awaited follow-up to Getting Things Doneis guaranteed to find an audience in today’s competitive business environment and among David Allen’s many fans.
Date Published: 2008
ISBN: 9780670019953

Making it your business
Melvin J. Gravely
Impact Group Consultants
Date Published: 1997
ISBN: 9780965619417

Mastering Entrepreneurship
Sue Birley, Daniel F. Muzyka
Financial Times Prentice Hall
Summary: Business start-up fever is more acute than ever. Never, it seems, have more people been starting their own companie, particularly to exploit the World Wide Web. And never have so many been prepared to back and support them. Developed from the successful series run in the "Financial Times" newspaper, and following on from the best-selling "Mastering Enterprise," "Mastering Entrepreneurship" brings you the latest thinking from the best brains in the world, to help you make your way as an entrepreneur and realize the potential of every business opportunity you see. It shows you the different routes available and covers all the issues from original concept to capturing the value of your enterprise. "Mastering Entrepreneurship" appears at a time of unprecedented technological advance and amid an upsurge of entrepreneurial activity around the globe, epitomized by the strart-ups. It fully captures the mood, explaining and detailing what has, is, and will happen in a new section devoted to e-business start-ups. Being an entrepreneur is not restricted to people who start their own businesses. Entrepreneurial spirit exists in all industries and at all levels of the career ladder. So go ahead and realize your dreams. Make the most of the current environment for business opportunities with the book that shows you how to become a master entrepreneur.
Date Published: 2000
ISBN: 9780273649281

Measure What Matters
John Doerr
Penguin Books, Limited (April 26, 2018)
Summary: "The revolutionary movement behind the explosive growth of Intel, Google, Amazon and Uber. With a foreword by Larry Page, and contributions from Bono and Bill Gates. Measure What Matters is about using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), a revolutionary approach to goal-setting, to make tough choices in business. In 1999, legendary venture capitalist John Doerr invested $11.8 million in a startup that had amazing technology, entrepreneurial energy and sky-high ambitions, but no real business plan. Doerr introduced the founders to OKRs and with them at the foundation of their management, the startup grew from forty employees to more than 70,000 with a market cap exceeding $600 billion. The startup was Google. Since then Doerr has introduced OKRs to more than fifty companies, helping tech giants and charities exceed all expectations. In the OKR model objectives define what we seek to achieve and key results are how those top- priority goals will be attained. OKRs focus effort, foster coordination and enhance workplace satisfaction. They surface an organization's most important work as everyone's goals from entry-level to CEO are transparent to the entire institution. In Measure What Matters, Doerr shares a broad range of first-person, behind-the-scenes case studies, with narrators including Bono and Bill Gates, to demonstrate the focus, agility, and explosive growth that OKRs have spurred at so many great organizations."–Publisher's description.
ISBN: 9780241348482

Millionaire Upgrade
Richard Parkes Cordock
Capstone (April 7, 2006)
ISBN: 9781841127033

Carol S. Dweck
Ballantine Books
Summary: The updated edition of the book that has changed millions of lives with its insights into the growth mindset. After decades of research, world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., discovered a simple but groundbreaking idea: the power of mindset. In this brilliant book, she shows how success in school, work, sports, the arts, and almost every area of human endeavor can be dramatically influenced by how we think about our talents and abilities. People with a fixed mindset–those who believe that abilities are fixed–are less likely to flourish than those with a growth mindset–those who believe that abilities can be developed. Mindset reveals how great parents, teachers, managers, and athletes can put this idea to use to foster outstanding accomplishment. In this edition, Dweck offers new insights into her now famous and broadly embraced concept. She introduces a phenomenon she calls false growth mindset and guides people toward adopting a deeper, truer growth mindset. She also expands the mindset concept beyond the individual, applying it to the cultures of groups and organizations. With the right mindset, you can motivate those you lead, teach, and love–to transform their lives and your own. Praise for Mindset "A good book is one whose advice you believe. A great book is one whose advice you follow. This is a book that can change your life, as its ideas have changed mine."–Robert J. Sternberg, co-author of Teaching for Wisdom, Intelligence, Creativity, and Success "An essential read for parents, teachers [and] coaches . . . as well as for those who would like to increase their own feelings of success and fulfillment."–Library Journal (starred review) "Everyone should read this book."–Chip Heath and Dan Heath, authors of Made to Stick "One of the most influential books ever about motivation."–Po Bronson, author of NurtureShock "If you manage people or are a parent (which is a form of managing people), drop everything and read Mindset."–Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of the Start 2.0
Date Published: 2008
ISBN: 9780345472328

New Venture Creation
Jeffry A. Timmons, Stephen Spinelli
McGraw Hill Professional
Date Published: 2004
ISBN: 9780072498400

New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century
Stephen Spinelli, Jr., Rob Adams
McGraw-Hill Education (January 27, 2015)
Summary: New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century is about the process of getting a new venture started, growing the venture, successfully harvesting it, and starting again. The book presents the substantial body of knowledge about the entrepreneurial process in a pragmatic way – through text, case studies, and hands-on exercises – to help readers compress their learning curves, reduce their ultimate risk and pain, and allow them to gain more from their subsequent entrepreneurial experiences.
ISBN: 9780077862480

No Cash, No Fear
Terry Allen
Wiley (August 30, 2001)
Summary: If you've got big ideas and little or no cash–congratulations! You're just the person Terry Allen speaks to in No Cash, No Fear–a powerful guide to start-up success bursting with invaluable lessons for the aspiring or struggling entrepreneur. Allen, who has started more than 20 businesses in his long and illustrious career, reveals exactly how he did it with none or very little of his own money–and how you can, too! He gives you his foolproof strategies for obtaining cash from a variety of surprisingly accessible sources. You'll discover ways to sell your product before it even exists and how to get someone to give you $1 million to invest (and a Rolls Royce to boot)! Allen also reveals: * The four ingredients you need to cook up a business * Why being short of cash should never be a problem * How to start a business with $2,000 and make $15,000 profit in the first week * Why you don't need a business degree to be successful * Four commandments for running a solid, profitable company "I love this book."–Andrew Tobias, author of the million-copy bestselling classic, The Only Investment Guide You Will Ever Need
ISBN: 9780471415329

Peak Performance Presentations
Richard Olivier, Nicholas Janni
Summary: Presentations are a key part of business life. They do not simply impart information, but critically affect how much people trust you, and how far and with what degree of commitment they will follow you. Yet most of us fail to achieve our presentation potential, whether speaking to 5, 50 or 500 people. We may say the right words but fail to deliver the message, we may use the latest gizmos but fail to make a mark. Drawing on their first-hand experience of working with actors (and business people), Olivier and Janni offer unique insights into how to present with clarity, passion and presence, whether on the stage of a theatre or a conference hall, whether in the rehearsal room or in the board room. With practical exercises and activities, plus real-life case studies and anecdotes, this compelling book shows how you too can enter the zone of 'peak performance', a place where you can present with calm authority and connect effortlessly with your audience.
Date Published: 2004
ISBN: 9781844390977

Sramana Mitra
BookSurge Publishing (September 8, 2009)
ISBN: 9781439245927

Presentation Zen
Garr Reynolds
New Riders Pub.
Summary: FOREWORD BY GUY KAWASAKI Presentation designer and internationally acclaimed communications expert Garr Reynolds, creator of the most popular Web site on presentation design and delivery on the Net — — shares his experience in a provocative mix of illumination, inspiration, education, and guidance that will change the way you think about making presentations with PowerPoint or Keynote. Presentation Zen challenges the conventional wisdom of making "slide presentations" in today’s world and encourages you to think differently and more creatively about the preparation, design, and delivery of your presentations. Garr shares lessons and perspectives that draw upon practical advice from the fields of communication and business. Combining solid principles of design with the tenets of Zen simplicity, this book will help you along the path to simpler, more effective presentations.
Date Published: 2008
ISBN: 9780321525659

Ray Dalio
Simon and Schuster (September 19, 2017)
Summary: #1 New York Times Bestseller “Significant…The book is both instructive and surprisingly moving.” —The New York Times Ray Dalio, one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, shares the unconventional principles that he’s developed, refined, and used over the past forty years to create unique results in both life and business—and which any person or organization can adopt to help achieve their goals.In 1975, Ray Dalio founded an investment firm, Bridgewater Associates, out of his two-bedroom apartment in New York City. Forty years later, Bridgewater has made more money for its clients than any other hedge fund in history and grown into the fifth most important private company in the United States, according to Fortune magazine. Dalio himself has been named to Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Along the way, Dalio discovered a set of unique principles that have led to Bridgewater’s exceptionally effective culture, which he describes as “an idea meritocracy that strives to achieve meaningful work and meaningful relationships through radical transparency.” It is these principles, and not anything special about Dalio—who grew up an ordinary kid in a middle-class Long Island neighborhood—that he believes are the reason behind his success. In Principles, Dalio shares what he’s learned over the course of his remarkable career. He argues that life, management, economics, and investing can all be systemized into rules and understood like machines. The book’s hundreds of practical lessons, which are built around his cornerstones of “radical truth” and “radical transparency,” include Dalio laying out the most effective ways for individuals and organizations to make decisions, approach challenges, and build strong teams. He also describes the innovative tools the firm uses to bring an idea meritocracy to life, such as creating “baseball cards” for all employees that distill their strengths and weaknesses, and employing computerized decision-making systems to make believability-weighted decisions. While the book brims with novel ideas for organizations and institutions, Principles also offers a clear, straightforward approach to decision-making that Dalio believes anyone can apply, no matter what they’re seeking to achieve. Here, from a man who has been called both “the Steve Jobs of investing” and “the philosopher king of the financial universe” (CIO magazine), is a rare opportunity to gain proven advice unlike anything you’ll find in the conventional business press.
ISBN: 9781501124020

Reality Check
Guy Kawasaki
Summary: "Don't even think about trying to launch a startup without reading Guy Kawasaki's Reality Check." -BizEd For a quarter of a century, in his various guises as an entrepreneur, evangelist, venture capitalist, and guru, Guy Kawasaki has cast an irreverent eye on the dubious trends, sketchy theories, and outright foolishness of what so often passes for business today. Too many people frantically chase the Next Big Thing only to discover that all they've made is the Last Big Mistake. Reality Check is Kawasaki's all-in-one guide for starting and operating great organizations-ones that stand the test of time and ignore any passing fads in business theory. This indispensable volume collects, updates, and expands the best entries from his popular blog and features his inimitable take on everything from effective e-mailing to sucking up to preventing "bozo explosions."
Date Published: 2011
ISBN: 9781591843948

Jason Fried
Crown Business
Summary: Rework shows you a better, faster, easier way to succeed in business. Most business books give you the same old advice: Write a business plan, study the competition, seek investors, yadda yadda. If you're looking for a book like that, put this one back on the shelf. Read it and you'll know why plans are actually harmful, why you don't need outside investors, and why you're better off ignoring the competition. The truth is, you need less than you think. You don't need to be a workaholic. You don't need to staff up. You don't need to waste time on paperwork or meetings. You don't even need an office. Those are all just excuses. What you really need to do is stop talking and start working. This book shows you the way. You'll learn how to be more productive, how to get exposure without breaking the bank, and tons more counterintuitive ideas that will inspire and provoke you. With its straightforward language and easy-is-better approach, Rework is the perfect playbook for anyone who's ever dreamed of doing it on their own. Hardcore entrepreneurs, small-business owners, people stuck in day jobs they hate, victims of "downsizing," and artists who don't want to starve anymore will all find valuable guidance in these pages.
Date Published: 2010
ISBN: 9780307463746

Secrets of Sand Hill Road
Scott Kupor
Summary: What are venture capitalists saying about your startup behind closed doors? And what can you do to influence that conversation? If Silicon Valley is the greatest wealth-generating machine in the world, Sand Hill Road is its humming engine. That's where you'll find the biggest names in venture capital, including famed VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, where lawyer-turned-entrepreneur-turned-VC Scott Kupor serves as managing partner. Whether you're trying to get a new company off the ground or scale an existing business to the next level, you need to understand how VCs think. In Secrets of Sand Hill Road, Kupor explains exactly how VCs decide where and how much to invest, and how entrepreneurs can get the best possible deal and make the most of their relationships with VCs. Kupor explains, for instance: * Why most VCs typically invest in only one startup in a given business category. * Why the skill you need most when raising venture capital is the ability to tell a compelling story. * How to handle a "down round," when startups have to raise funds at a lower valuation than in the previous round. * What to do when VCs get too entangled in the day-to-day operations of the business. * Why you need to build relationships with potential acquirers long before you decide to sell. Filled with Kupor's firsthand experiences, insider advice, and practical takeaways, Secrets of Sand Hill Road is the guide every entrepreneur needs to turn their startup into the next unicorn.
Date Published: 2019
ISBN: 9780593083581