A remark from one of my lawyers I found quite shocking stimulated this post.

He works for one of Europe’s largest lawyers and he told me that the law totally works against the employment of Woman…”that’s why no-one wants to employ women” he told me.

That is no a gender bias but plain cold hard truth – why?

Well it’s the law at work…now, particularly in the UK the law is such that a Woman can take maternity leave for a year and you have to guarantee their job back (at the same level, pay and responsibilities) whenever they choose to return or face an industrial tribunal you will lose.

So what, well the tribunal has big teeth and can award them 6 months plus pay plus a 25% uplift if you lose.

Go figure, you have to try and run a business when the women can decide what they want to do and you can make no changes to personnel while they are away that will lead to any permanent change to their role.

If you do (you get it, you lose) – and big time.

So what’s the problem right, you just hire temp staff and then get rid of them whenever the woman wants her job back…easy! (or maybe not if you are a small company or a startup).

And then here’s the sinister part – many don’t want to to come back but they like the idea of a nice juicy payout!

So what do they do? they can do what they want and try and make you slip up under the ridiculous employment laws, or claim unfair dismissal as you had to move offices or another business decision…and then what, bingo they get to take you the tribunal (cleaners).

Don’t laugh, I have a woman manager in the UK and that’s what she threatened to sue me for “you have moved offices and this is no longer convenient for me to get to work so I am going to sue you”…and while this seems crazy chances are she will win in a UK tribunal. If she doesn’t she can go for no cost and it will cost me $000’s to defend myself so I will lose even if I win!

For big companies, they simply just payout and move on…it’s a cost of doing business in Europe but smaller companies can’t afford it….so what are their choices??

Simple – don’t employ women…

Now of course most women aren’t scheming and manipulative people like those painted here, but too many are according to my lawyers so this is screwing everything up for the fairer sex.

So we want to employ more women but the law makes this a very risky and expensive hiring decision – and all because of a minority of women and because European law has become so socialized that it’s getting impossible to do business in Europe.

What makes this even worse is that Europe is fighting on a Global stage nowadays vs. the US and Asia and they don’t have such draconian and ridiculous rules so they will win every time.

So this is bad for business, bad for women and bad for Europe…who voted all these politicians in that are killing the competitiveness of Europe, certainly not me I have had enough and moved to the USA!

I am not alone, almost everyone I know says the same, why bother being an entrepreneur ion Europe it’s not worth it for so many reasons – and employment law is one of the largest.

The closest comparison to the US is the SOX laws that are killing the markets here and the only reason the UK stock market has any listings, the Americans find it cheaper and easier to list on AIM than NASDAQ…for now.

Both great examples of dumb laws having macro-economic effects to the detriment of their nation states in $100 millions for what seemed good ideas, very badly executed.