1. Getting wedded to an idea and sticking with it too long.

Don’t marry a single idea. Remember, ideas are the currency of entrepreneurs. Play with many ideas and see which ones bring money and success.

2. Trying to be something other than an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs. You’ll give yourself a hernia if you try to act like other people.Your difference is your strength.

3. Believing your own spin.

Entrepreneurs are genetically wired to be optimistic. Just don’t believe everything you say to others.

4. Ignoring your cash position.

The world doesn’t respond even to superior products in the time frame that you think they should.You’ll need plenty of cash to sustain yourself in the meantime.

5. Attracting weak staff members.

Not that many great employees will put up with a mercurial or childish/immature entrepreneur. If you’re attracting weak people, you’ll need to mature as a human being.

6. Confusing possibility with reality.

The successful entrepreneur lives in a world of possibility but spends money in the world of reality.

7. Selling too hard.

If you find yourself selling an idea or product too hard to too many people, perhaps it’s time to listen to why they are not buying and learn from that instead of trying to become a better salesperson.

8. Not setting up support structures.

Hire people and services to handle many of your business and personal needs. Most entrepreneurs do better when they are fully supported, even if transparently.

9. Over-delegating.

Most entrepreneurs over-delegate tasks and accountabilities to others, also known as “dumping.” It’s far better to learn how to delegate rather than dump; that is, give others the information they need to do the job, then get out of the way.

10. Giving up.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs failed several times before doing extremely well. So, if you’re failing, fail. And fail fast And learn. And try again, with this new wisdom. Do not give up.