Kelly K. Spors wrote an excellent article (So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur) at the Wall Street Journal last week and one of the reasons I love it so much is that it totally echoes my own thoughts on the topic. Indeed, it could almost be a summary for my own book “So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur” Wiley.

She asks the critical question: “Thinking about starting a business? Make sure you’re cut out for it first.”

Indeed many of those being laid off right now may decide to “jump in” before checking out if they are really ready or have the skills to make the leap.

This is a serious risk, not least with their redundancy paycheck or savings but also of their own mental wellbeing. Being laid off is bad, but making the mistake of starting a business as you feel you have little choice is very dangerous.

However, I don’t want to put them off just allow them to “learn more about themselves” so they can make the right decision.

This article does a great job of making you think. My book takes all the concepts further along with providing detailed mentoring sessions and worksheets to make the process easy and enjoyable!

I like the article so much I want to suggest you read it and if it resonates then look at my book, if you are short on time and don’t want a detailed book on this topic this article does the trick – it’s short and to the point and covers all the bases.

Indeed you could read this and then go to my website and pick up all my free worksheets on most of the areas mentioned and get started!

Here’s what it covers:

1. Are you willing and able to bear great financial risk?
2. Are you willing to sacrifice your lifestyle for potentially many years?
3. Is your significant other on board?
4. Do you like all aspects of running a business?
5. Are you comfortable making decisions on the fly with no playbook?
6. What’s your track record of executing your ideas?
7. How persuasive and well-spoken are you?
8. Do you have a concept you’re passionate about?
9. Are you a self-starter?
10. Do you have a business partner?

Check it out here: So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

Then take my free quiz and see how you do…

Don’t forget that all the profits from my book also go to help other entrepreneurs around the world get started via the Grameen Foundation.