In my other blog posts on this matter I have said a few times that really what you are trying to do once you have got in the door is to have a sensible, logical and easy to understand dialog that hits the right buttons – just like any sales process.

Each stage of a VC engagement needs to be organized to achieve it’s outcome. no more. The first presentation is meant to get attention and get the next meeting. The second meeting is to get further agreement and greater buy-in by the VC partners. And further meetings will then lead to a term sheet and relevant due diligence.

Pitching Tips: presentation tips from The Pitching Coach

And of course in a similar vein, we have Guy Kawasaki

Finally, I thought this was a good summary of content to cover

I found these at a great site called slideshare, take a look here for more: /

I have also spotted a few good resources on other sites that can add to what I have already posted, take a look at the links below from Furqan Nazeeri a serial entrepreneur and former Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Softbank Capital:

This site also have some other useful tips: