audit Attached is a useful checklist that professional angels will have a form of to hand when they are doing any due diligence on your business proposal.

It will help you to be aware of what they are looking for and to also make sure your materials cover off these key areas, preferably in a punchy way, not in a long drawn out business plan.

Early in the angel screening process for angel groups having something that addresses these key areas will help you progress faster and with more confidence.

If you don’t have good answers for all these questions, do your best to cover them all off as best you can or don’t approach investors until you can.

In some cases you won’t have great answers for everything but the less convincing your story vs. this checklist the lower your chances of funding success.

Why not have it with you when pitching with a few notes on it as an aid-memoir

and also use it when putting together your pitch and check you have covered everything.

how angels rate your opportunity.pdf download now