Adeo at TheFunded has come up with some time and cost saving free legal docs that look good if you are US based and starting up. They are written to be less “VC-sided” and if you can use them then I would – I certainly plan too with my next startup!

TheFunded has produced founder-friendly versions of every legal document necessary to launch a new startup. These documents were carefully written from scratch to keep founders in control of the companies that they create. – Bylaws – Certificate of Incorporation – Initial Stockholder Consent – Invention Assignment Agreement – Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement – Indemnification Agreement – Initial Board Consent – Action by Incorporator – Plain Preferred Term Sheet

You may also want to check out Pitch Silicon Valley on October 6th

On the evening of October 6th, over 200 CEOs, reporters, and investors from Silicon Valley will have an evening of food, drinks, socializing and talks. You’ll hear pitches from ten new early-stage companies. Aaron Patzer, CEO of, will speak about how he built a $170 MM company in just three years, and Munjal Shah, CEO of, will talk about the best practices and steps to earning revenue.

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