Past workshops and lectures

Past workshops and lectures

Want to find out if you are an Entrepreneur? 2-Part Free public Workshop at Stanford E-Week.

Co-leaders: Author Jon Gillespie-Brown & “Pitch Doc” Mary Etta Eaton produced a fun and informative workshop, you will find link to the materials and background here:

The interactive workshops provide a fun, fast way to find out if you can or want to make it as anEntrepreneur. Learn the good, bad, & ugly realities of founder lifestyles and which of your character traits are likely to lead to successful start-ups or corporate “skunk-works”. Simple self-discovery tools make it easy for you to analyze this information and take the next steps with confidence. Your follow-up action plan will guide you as a new or would-be Entrepreneur beyond the dreaming stage to the next rung of the Entrepreneurial ladder. This program can improve your chances of succeeding as an Entrepreneur or provide sufficient clarity to decide that other career options may be better suited for you.

Thanks for coming to the workshop: Are you an Entrepreneur?, below are the slides for the first session in pdf format.

  1. Workshop session 1 PowerPoint slides

Here are links related to the workshop: