Endorsements for the book

“Read this book if you plan to be an Entrepreneur, find out what it’s really like before you make the leap!”

Doug Richard, entrepreneur, business investor and former member of the Dragons Den TV programme

“Before I invest in a business at an early stage I want to know the founders knew what they were getting into. I would suggest they check out if they measure up to the demands of the ups and downs required to be a successful Entrepreneur by reading this book first.”

Richard Farleigh, Author Taming the Lion: 100 Secret Strategies for Investing and former member of the Dragons Den

“The key to Entrepreneurial success is understanding what type of Entrepreneur you are, and then doing business in a way that is true to yourself, and above all, one that brings you personal happiness and fulfillment. This book will help you decide whether a life of an Entrepreneur is for you.”

Rachel Elnaugh, entrepreneur, business speaker and former member of the Dragons Den

“Very few people truly consider the hard work, disappointment, frustration and crushing lows that every Entrepreneur experiences along the journey. Jon’s book is a must read for anybody ready to take the leap!”

Richard Parkes Cordock, author of Millionaire Upgrade and creator of Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Programme

“The only form of safe employment is self-employment.  I recommend anyone considering the Entrepreneurial path to read this book.” Geoff Burch, International Speaker and author of Go It Alone: The Streetwise Secrets of Self-Employment