So you want to be an entrepreneur Quiz

So you want to be an entrepreneur Quiz

Take the Quiz to find out if you should be an Entrepreneur

The book “So you want to be an entrepreneur” includes a 50 question quiz that enables you to calculate your “entrepreneurial quotient”.

To be an entrepreneur book now at Stanford store

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Now you can easily pickup my book at local stores, the best being at the Stanford book store if you are on campus!

Click the link here to their online store or go visit.

STANFORD,  CA  94305-3003

‘Are You An Entrepreneur?’ E-Week Workshop goes down well…

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Kathleen Chaykowski and Stephanie Soderborg write a useful piece for Stanford e-week.

They covered the ‘Are You An Entrepreneur?’ E-Week Workshop hosted by AIMS, a Stanford postdoctoral entrepreneurship group.

Here’s a summary of their post…

AIMS member, Hyejun Ra (co-president), introduced the event and the two speakers, Eaton and John Gillespie-Brown, a CEO Founder of several companies, angel investor and a mentor at Stanford Engineering and Business Schools, who discussed qualities that make entrepreneurs successful and debunked common myths about entrepreneurs.

“This is a two-part workshop, and tonight our main objective was to lay the foundation. What is entrepreneurship?” Eaton said in an interview after the event. “What are some of the common success traits of entrepreneurship, and what are some of the personalities that have been successful in entrepreneurship?”

The workshop series is intended to help attendees determine whether or not they are entrepreneurs and if they are, how they capitalize on their skills and the resources available to them, Gillespie-Brown said.

Gillespie-Brown opened his talk by discussing why it is critical that entrepreneurs consistently engage in philanthropy and giving.

“Contribution is critical to thinking about the start of a business,” he said, adding that leaders in a company must be supportive of their co-workers, team focused and conscious of the needs of their customers as well as the community at large.

More here:

Are you an Entrepreneur? – Session 1 Slides

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Thanks for coming to the workshop: Are you an Entrepreneur?, below are the slides for the first session in pdf format.

I look forward to seeing you at the final session.

- Workshop session 1 PowerPoint slides

Jon Gillespie-Brown

P.S. Please comment below on what you thought of the workshop?

Building a Personal Vision Statement

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A personal vision/mission statement is the framework for creating a powerful life.

Your personal vision statement provides the direction necessary to guide the course of your days and the choices you make about your life.

The idea is to craft a broad based idea about your life and what will really make it exciting and fulfilling, that’s your life vision.

From the vision, you craft a more focused and action orientated “mission” statement based on “purpose”. And finally you get to a list of goals, wishes, desires and needs.

Think of the process like building a “life strategy” that has tasks and actions underneath it.

Building a Personal Mission Statement

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After considering and writing down your Personal Vision Statement you can move on to developing a more specific plan, called a Personal Mission Statement.

A Personal Mission Statement is how you will manifest your Personal Vision in your daily life. Mission and vision statements provide focus to your purpose.

As Henry David Thoreau said, “In the long run men only hit what they aim for.”

Having thought through your vision for your life, you now need to put that into action…that means taking action and living your life “on purpose”.

Without a purpose in life, it’s easy to get sidetracked on your life’s journey. It’s easy to wander and drift, accomplishing little. With a purpose however, everything in life seems to fall into place.

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