Are you an Entrepreneur? – Session 2 Slides

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Thanks for coming to the workshop: Are you an Entrepreneur?, below are the slides for the first session in pdf format.

I look forward to seeing you at another Workshop or event and wish you all the best with your entrepreneurial or new career plans.

- Workshop session 2 PowerPoint slides

Jon Gillespie-Brown

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To be an entrepreneur book now at Stanford store

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Now you can easily pickup my book at local stores, the best being at the Stanford book store if you are on campus!

Click the link here to their online store or go visit.

STANFORD,  CA  94305-3003

‘Are You An Entrepreneur?’ E-Week Workshop goes down well…

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Kathleen Chaykowski and Stephanie Soderborg write a useful piece for Stanford e-week.

They covered the ‘Are You An Entrepreneur?’ E-Week Workshop hosted by AIMS, a Stanford postdoctoral entrepreneurship group.

Here’s a summary of their post…

AIMS member, Hyejun Ra (co-president), introduced the event and the two speakers, Eaton and John Gillespie-Brown, a CEO Founder of several companies, angel investor and a mentor at Stanford Engineering and Business Schools, who discussed qualities that make entrepreneurs successful and debunked common myths about entrepreneurs.

“This is a two-part workshop, and tonight our main objective was to lay the foundation. What is entrepreneurship?” Eaton said in an interview after the event. “What are some of the common success traits of entrepreneurship, and what are some of the personalities that have been successful in entrepreneurship?”

The workshop series is intended to help attendees determine whether or not they are entrepreneurs and if they are, how they capitalize on their skills and the resources available to them, Gillespie-Brown said.

Gillespie-Brown opened his talk by discussing why it is critical that entrepreneurs consistently engage in philanthropy and giving.

“Contribution is critical to thinking about the start of a business,” he said, adding that leaders in a company must be supportive of their co-workers, team focused and conscious of the needs of their customers as well as the community at large.

More here:

FREE Book Workshop

FREE Book Workshop

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Want to find out if you are an Entrepreneur? 2-Part Free public Workshop at Stanford E-Week.

Come and see Jon Gillespie-Brown and his book in action and take part in a new Stanford 2 evening interactive workshop  – all free to the public!

Another friend at TechCrunch…innovative new way to build apps in the cloud.

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Having launched many startups I know how hard it is to get initial momentum so it’s very important to get lots of feedback and encouragement early on, so here I go again in trying to help!

Another friend Freddy (another serial entrepreneur) has launched Application Craft at the event and the idea behind this very well executed product is build one, deploy to both browsers and mobile devices. I can see this being especially useful for the construction of business processes using complex databases and online forms, not just the creation of basic sites, as the tools make data connection and form design fast and simple.

Official description:

Application Craft lets Hard-Core Developers and "Citizen Developers" build Apps that run on any web enabled device. You can choose between the AC Cloud (On Demand) or the AC Server (in-house on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X servers).

They have just opened public beta so they need people to signup and try their app online and give feedback. Having used many of these in the past and being a bit of a hacker myself I can say that the product looks excellent and is well worth a look if you build any form of web based app that you want to run in a browser and a phone.


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